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Ray Mears

Tales of Endurance

Wycombe Swan

Tue 15 March

Russell Watson


Have you ever wondered how you might cope faced by seemingly impossible odds? In this heart-stirring presentation be prepared to be shocked, amazed, and inspired to succeed by the stories of our fellow human beings and the incredible circumstances they have overcome.
From Jim Bradley, the man who took part in a remarkable escape from a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp; to the Hubbard Expedition, the story of Leonidas Hubbard who made the fatal mistake of not listening to the local people when he went to do an expedition in Labrador and took the wrong river, and the consequences this had; from Telemark, the story of the Norwegian Heavy Water Sabotage that helped thwart Hitler’s plan to build a Nazi nuclear bomb; to the Wortman family, who survived the Alaskan cold after a sailboat shipwreck.
As humans we have extraordinary ability in terms of ingenuity, adaptability and sheer determination, but how can we access these abilities in a crisis? Through carefully selected stories Ray Mears explores all of these topics, and more, providing an insight into what makes a survivor. For instance, do you know what to do if your car is submerged in water? Or what to do in the case of an emergency?
Our ability to find humour in times of adversity and to motivate ourselves by focusing on returning to our loved ones is astonishingly powerful. Stripped bare by adversity, survivors cling to the most fundamental emotions, instincts and human qualities. This in its own way can be an instructional guide to living outside of adversity.
In an uncertain world this could be the most important evening of your life. 

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