Includes roll & butter rosette

Smoked salmon parfait

soft herb centre, dill dressing (gf)

Herbed Beetroot cake

mint dressed salad (vg)


Roast turkey

sage and onion stuffing, thyme roasted potatoes, pig in blanket, roasted seasonal vegetables, cranberry and parsley gravy (gf*)

Spinach, chestnut mushroom & cranberry nut roast

thyme roasted potatoes, glazed carrots, roasted sprouts, cranberry & parsley gravy (vg) (gf)



Chocolate and orange cheesecake

blood orange coulis, chocolate soil, caramelised orange slice (v)

Cinnamon poached pear

chocolate crumb, candied walnuts, chocolate sauce (vg) (gf)

Followed by tea/coffee and brandy mince pie